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Trouble Free Employees is a business services provider that will help your business become More Profitable and More Successful!
When you work with Trouble Free Employees, you’ll have direct access to our experienced team of highly specialized technical resources.

We are a team of technology specialists that has offices in the Philippines and the United States.
We utilize our skills and efficient company structure to bring our clients tremendous value.
Trouble Free Employees helps successful companies with these services:



Trouble Free Employees has created a revolutionary way of bringing our clients the kinds of results they are looking for at a very affordable price. Our top-tier Virtual Assistants, Techs, and Specialists are eager to put in the legwork that is required for your project to succeed. They will interact with you, follow your directions and perform the tedious parts of your projects that are required to for your company to achieve maximum results.

When it comes to the manpower to implement your projects we can help you quickly scale up. We will document the tasks we are assigned and create protocols that allow the first assistant that you train to be able to quickly scale up from an individual worker into a team. Your assistant will use the documentation they create when you teach them the tasks you would like them to perform to be able to train a team of additional helpers at a moment’s notice. Once you’ve trained your first assistant the tasks you need to be done, they can train any new team members that need to be brought on to meet your workload. This will allow you to easily scale up from a single assistant to a team with the snap of your fingers.

Our process allows us to get any size job done at a much lower cost than you would by using typical in-house employees that you would need to hire, manage and train individually. The reduction in costs you will receive by using our highly-efficient process will transfer directly into savings on your bottom line. The resources that you save will enable your company to become more profitable and successful. Trouble Free Employees strives to keep prices low and quality high by providing our clients with competent help and user-friendly systems.

We specialize in designing solutions for clients where a single Virtual Assistant or a small team of Virtual Assistants can run a large percentage of your business operations. Providing our clients with “Turnkey Business Solutions”.

“Our mission at Trouble Free Employees is to help business owners and operators Solve Problems and Save Money by providing business services at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house employees.” — Jake Barefoot & Marc James Johnson

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