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Trouble Free Employees is a business services provider that will help your business become More Profitable and More Successful! When you work with Trouble Free Employees, you'll have direct access to our experienced team of highly specialized technical resources.


“Our mission is to help business owners Solve Problems and Save Money by providing business services for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house employees.” — Jake Barefoot

Our Team

Trouble Free Employees has created a revolutionary way of bringing our clients the kinds of results they are looking for at a very affordable price. Our top-tier specialists are in charge of the design and creation of the foundation for most of our projects. They will interact with you and do the critical thinking part of the project that is required to design your systems to achieve maximum results. Then, when it comes to the manpower to implement your projects we will normally try to create protocols that allow us to be able to bring in help from our team of virtual assistants. This allows us to get the job done at a much lower cost than if our specialists were implementing all the steps on their own. Minimize the percentage of billable hours that are required by a specialist helps us to greatly reduce the total costs. The reduction in costs is able to be passed on to our clients, allowing Trouble Free Employees to keep prices low and quality high. We also specialize in designing solutions for clients where a single Virtual Assistant or a small team of VAs can run a large percentage of the operations. Providing our clients with "Turnkey Business Solutions".


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Specialists + Virtual Agents = Trouble Free Dream Team

We specialize in bringing down the costs of production while keeping quality as high as possible. We execute this strategy in our own company with a high-performance team of extremely talented workers that are located in our Hawaii and Oregon locations. These specialists combine their talents with our small army of workers in our Cebu office to conquer very large tasks in a short amount of time. We offer project based rates as well as dedicated help for ongoing work. Meet our team.


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Trouble Free Employees will help you become more profitable and successful by providing you with the resources you need to be able to solve problems and save money. Refrain from scaling up your non-essential workers using the outdated in-house workforce model unless you absolutely have to! Get started today by signing up for a free consultation.