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“Our mission at Trouble Free Employees is to help business professionals solve problems and save money by providing business services for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house employees.” — Jake Barefoot

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    Shared Assistant

    Get up to 20 hours per week of help with repeatable tasks that can be done on a phone or computer.



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    Dedicated Virtual Assistant

    Get full-time assistance with repeatable tasks that can be done on a phone or computer.



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    Full-Time Webmaster

    Get a dedicated webmaster to help you with your website, email or digital marketing campaigns.



    Testimonials From Happy Business Professionals

    Business Virtual Assistants And Professionals

    We would like to support the growth of your organization.
    So much is involved in scaling a business, we want to make sure that you are able to delegate all of your non-essential tasks so you can focus your attention where it needs to be.

    Meet Elena

    Administrative Virtual Assistant

    Elena works in our main office as a personal assistant for our co-founder Marc James Johnson. She is a diligent worker who is extremely organized and reliable. She performs tasks that include appointment scheduling, calendar management, email marketing campaigns and social media management.

    Meet Rain

    Travel Industry Virtual Assistant

    Rain has been working with the Trouble Free Team for many years as a team lead for Travel Reservations Accounts. She is the main point of contact for her client and manages their entire reservations team for them. In addition to the reservations tasks she also creates reports, manages the schedule of her team, trains them on new tasks and relays any new information that comes from her client. Her expertise saves many hours of valuable time and allows her client to casually manage an entire team by interacting with her a few times a week.

    Meet Shara

    Real Estate Industry Virtual Assistant

    Shara is a very reliable worker who has amazing skills on the phone. She is able to use her skills of persuasion to help her clients bring in additional revenues and help them make more appointments. Between calls, you will frequently find her working on other tasks for her clients. Sending out emails, making reports and working on personal assistant duties for her client is all part of a normal day.

    Meet Marc

    Real Estate Industry Virtual Assistant

    Marc is in charge of the maintenance of a large real estate website. He adds daily updates and continuously works on tasks to help refine and create content. In his past, he used to be a competitive gamer and his speed and hand-eye coordination are off the charts. Marc is extremely fast and when he gets a large project to get through it is incredible the amount of progress he is capable of making in very short amounts of time. Jake frequently says that when it comes to data entry, one Marc is equal to two regular workers.

    Why Choose To Outsource With Trouble Free Employees?

    Trouble Free Employees has created a revolutionary way of bringing our clients the kinds of results they are looking for at a very affordable price. Our top-tier Virtual Assistants, Techs, and Specialists are eager to put in the legwork that is required for your project to succeed. They will interact with you, follow your directions and perform the tedious parts of your projects that are required to for your company to achieve maximum results.

    How Can Your Business Become More Profitable And Successful?

    When it comes to the manpower to implement your projects we can help you get the manpower you need to quickly scale up. To make things as smooth as possible during the scaling process our team is trained to document the tasks we are assigned and create documented protocols for all of the tasks. This process allows you to be able to easily scale from your first assistant to a large team without very much additional input on your part.

    Your assistant will use the documentation they create when you teach them the tasks you would like them to perform to be able to train a team of additional helpers at a moment’s notice. Once you’ve trained your first assistant the tasks you need to be done, they can train any new team members that need to be brought on to meet your workload. This will allow you to easily scale up from a single assistant to a team with the snap of your fingers.

    Our process allows us to get any size job done at a much lower cost than you would by using typical in-house employees that you would need to hire, manage and train individually. The reduction in costs you will receive by using our highly-efficient process will transfer directly into savings on your bottom line. The resources that you save will enable your company to become more profitable and successful. Trouble Free Employees strives to keep prices low and quality high by providing our clients with competent help and user-friendly systems.

    Would You Like To Enjoy A Less Stressed And Happier Life?

    We specialize in designing solutions for clients where a single Virtual Assistant or a small team of Virtual Assistants can run a large percentage of your business operations. Providing our clients with “Turnkey Business Solutions”.

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