Trouble Free VLOG – Start your own TFE office in Philippines

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So we’re in a new section of the office. We just completed getting it all together. Network cables or electricity to the stations. Giant air conditioner set up and. Ready to rock. We had a first. Training shift happening a little bit earlier today and we have a team of 10 different people that are coming in. So I just want to take a moment to talk about the different things that we do because. Up to that up until this point we’ve been doing mostly project based hourly work and smaller. One to three person teams and we’ve been really diversifying what we’re doing and how we’re doing tasks are different from the past. During the process of having the company we’ve developed a recruiting strategy that works extremely well where we’re able to get a tremendous amount of applicants coming in. And we’re able to really do some thorough background checks and find very very good people. So something new that we’re offering in addition to the in-house workers that we’ve been doing up until now is we’re also offering some recruiting services because we typically hire about one out of every 100 applicants that we have. I have a massive list of people who are extremely highly qualified and are looking for jobs. So if you’re looking for a. Work from home person or would like to connect with someone directly that’s something that I can help you with. We have a recruiting fee that we charge for that. And then from there you can kind of work it out on your own with your sister. In addition we also have some team rates for this section of the office for this team of 10. We have a different kind of payment structure that we’ve worked out than just buying one at a time. So if you’re interested in setting up your own office in the Philippines it’s definitely a time intensive process and we can set it up for you to be able to offer a full turnkey solution for you and the costs for managing it. It’s going to be less than what you would pay to come out here and visit your own. Office. In terms of you know it’ll be less expensive than your airfare and your hotel would be on a monthly basis. So if you’re looking for something on the big end of the spectrum you need a lot of people let us know if you’re looking for a single person trying to save some money and do do it yourself sort of thing. Let me know and I can give you access to our database of applicants. We get some really really good people on there. We’re also going to be rolling out some training courses that we’re going to be doing here in the office for people locally to really help people improve their skills as virtual assistants and be able to work with clients better. So we’ve got a lot of stuff going on and it’s pretty exciting where we’re all about virtual assistants over here and remote workforces. So any way that you’re looking for it we can pretty much help you out if you need something done in the Philippines. We’re out here and looking forward to helping you whatever you need get in touch with me. Put the time on the calendar or if you’d like to just kind of casually keep watching what we’re doing out here. Like our Facebook page subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned. Lots going on. Thanks for watching.

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