Trouble Free VLOG – Lunch In Cebu

By August 3, 2019 No Comments


All right. So today we gotta go over to Ayala mall. It’s one of the big shopping malls. Real nice one here. We’re gonna go meet up with a guy, American guy that saw a post about some coaching stuff and had a bunch of questions about how to get work and needed some coaching I guess. We’re gonna go meet with him and have lunch and then we gotta go run around to some of the stores and get some camera stuff and card readers and just little stuff like that so that’s what we’re up to after we’re leaving the office for the day and let’s go.

So we went to lunch we got sidetracked a little bit and now we’re back at the mall. We’re gonna help our buddy Grant get a charger cable fixed for his laptop and then we’re gonna go back to the photo store and finish this up.

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