Trouble Free VLOG – How to wire an Office

By September 11, 2019 No Comments


Alright so it’s the middle of this week. We’re kind of coming to a time crunch because on Monday we got 10 callers that are coming in here to do some cold calling for a roofing company based out of the U.K. We still got quite a bit of work to go. We need to get our lights finished up. We need to get our electrical wiring finished in here. We also need to get our AC installed and our networking brought over from the other room. So we’re going to run over to the hardware store. We’re going to grab all the stuff that we need. We’re going to come back and our in-house tech team is going to start slamming out the different things to get the infrastructure in place so we’re ready to go by Monday. We’ve got a really cool call system that they’re gonna be working with. Show you more about that once they get started. It’s pretty amazing what they’re able to do really high call volume and really high conversion rate with the method that they’re using. We got an in-house manager that’s coming over from the UK specifically to train this team. So it’s going to be pretty cool. Stay tuned to see what happens. Let’s go to a hardware store.

All right so we got back from the hardware store we get all our outlets. We’ve got our lights. We’ve got all our networking stuff. Now Alex is going to get to work and get them all installed. And the last thing that we’ve got to do to get this place going is get our AC in hopefully be picking up that unit tomorrow and getting installed the next day.

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