Trouble Free VLOG – How to get internet in the Philippines

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All right. So today we’re going to talk about getting things done in the Philippines. Sometimes it’s frustratingly hard so I had an apartment. It was some blocks over there and had an internet connection that was over there. Recently I decided to make things a little bit more convenient. Move to a place that not as nice but it’s directly across from the office. That’s our old office and then our new office is right next to it. It’s right down the corner. So moved in about six weeks ago and I’ve been trying to get the Internet over ever since. It’s been quite a process because this pole right here is where the Internet goes to there’s a fiber optic line there. And apparently they’re going to plug into but there’s no cable from there to here and it’s not like in America where they just take care of that stuff for you if I want the internet. I got to get a cable from here to down there.

So first thing that happened is one of the building maintenance guys suggested putting like a conduit pipe drop it down here and then go over there. So called up the property manager people and they said that they had to ask for somebody’s permission in order to do that. Two weeks later still haven’t heard anything back from them. Called the office multiple times. So I got word today that that wasn’t gonna happen. There is no option to do that. Apparently there’s some sort of conduit system that’s inside the building already.

So… And we got the building maintenance people who now have permission to put stuff through the conduit. Picked up fiber optic cable and the guy is going to drop it down through some sort of existing conduit. He has to put a new conduit. We just saw him go by with a bunch of PVC pipes so apparently that’s going to happen. Then after that we get the line from here down there and we got two more people to call. We’re gonna call one guy who’s gonna connect it from there to there. Plug it in to the little box thing. Then we got another guy who has to show up and connect the modem into the fiber optic line on this side to make it live in the room.

Most of the people don’t speak English that well that I’ve talked to so I’ve been like trying to do it all through a translator. I get my friends that speak Bisaya that help me out. This has been a process. Just to get the internet hooked up. So that’s the deal. Right now we’re waiting for guy with the conduit just saw him go by so he should starting doing his thing here in a couple of minutes and then he’ll run the line that we got and then get in touch with that guy and then we’ll get in touch with this guy and hopefully I get online sometime soon. I’ve been using the data on my phone like crazy it’s like just far enough away where I can’t tap into my own Wi-Fi from the office across the street. Yeah it’s been almost two months. So you know things just kind of a little bit different over here. Sometimes people think that they can just come to the Philippines and things are going to be just like in America but it’s not the case so that’s the story of the Internet. Hopefully we have a happy ending for it soon. We’ll find out.

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