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All right so it’s been pretty interesting in the last two days I’ve had three different people ask me if I do business coaching and I have never officially done business coaching it’s not really something that has crossed my mind that much. In terms of like is a paid thing. But I have helped quite a few people out many different ways to get stuff going. And from the input that I got in the last couple days it sounded like maybe that is something that I should should do and maybe monetize in the long run. But before doing anything in. And before charging people for something I definitely want to make sure that the value is there. So with one of the people I offered to help them out and basically just just take them on with it kind of it’s kind of a mentorship sort of relationship that I’m not going to charge them for and. They can perhaps we’ll see how it works with helping them start their business and get things going but it works for them and maybe that will be a testimonial for coaching service that I’ll do in the future. But if there’s anybody else that would like some mentorship with getting their business going. Making Money Online and you know that sort of stuff. Let me know because I’m looking to take on a few people free of charge beginning here and seeing what happens from what I really like to help people. And I’ve been doing all kinds of different online businesses for almost 25 years now and I definitely have some knowledge that I’m willing to share. So get in touch with me and happy to help you out in the future if you have any friends that are getting started and need some help. Send it my way. Enjoy!

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