How Long Does It Take You To Make Social Media Content For A Week? If It’s More Than 3 Minutes You Need To Read This.

This blog is created to illustrate how easy it can be to generate content for your digital marketing. Using a simple 3-minute video as our input we are able to create a massive amount of content that can be used to fuel an entire week’s worth of social media posts on all the major networks.

If you would like us to create this system for you our content team is standing by to help. We can take something as simple as a cell phone video from an open house that you attended and process it into an edited video. Then we can parse it down into enough individual pieces to keep the attention of your audience on all of your major social media channels for up to a week.

The Main Piece Of Content
Your Video (Processed Full Length)

We purposely used this clip that was taken in less than ideal conditions to prove that we do not need cinematic gold in order to produce content that can be used by this system. I’m sure that you can easily create footage that is much better than what we filmed for this example. The soggy footage from our rainy day walk and talk is not what most people would submit to us to produce their content, but for the sake of example, we wanted to make these results be indicative of what anyone could produce. The video was taken on an iPhone 8 that was attached to a gimbal that cost less than $100. Equipment that is affordable and accessible to virtually everyone.

Here is the full edit of the video:

The Video/Transcription Blog

The first thing that we did with this video is to have one of our team members “Big Marc” transcribe it and turn it into a blog. The blog is made up of the combination of the video, and the transcription of the video. If we wanted we could also add still frames from the video or supplementary pictures that were taken to go with the video.

To go back to the example of a realtor filming an open house, it would not be hard to take a walk and talk video and then make a second lap to take some stills. It’s completely up to you if you want to submit more inputs you can, but for the sake of this example, everything comes from this simple video. You could easily incorportate some very natural keywording into the production of your video if you wanted to increase your chances of ranking for your desired keyword, like maybe for instance the address of the open house you were visiting.

Here’s an example of what the transcription/video blog came out like for this one. There was mild editing that was done to the transcription to turn the spoken word into the written word, but nothing too heavy in terms of editing.

Click The Thumbnail To View The Video/Transcription Blog


Memes Are Created From The Video

The next thing that we did is to take some screenshots from the video and make some Memes with them that are to be used on Instagram and Facebook. These are made from quotes from the video combined with freeze frames from the video. Nothing special, but definitely enough to keep up some awareness from your IG and FB audience as they scroll through their feeds. I’m sure with a little planning you could come up with some much better stuff. To go back to our real estate example, maybe some freeze frames of each room in the house combined with your reaction to it from your walkthrough video.

IG & Snapchat Length Videos

Once we have constructed the memes the next step is to parse down the video into multiple pieces that are less than a minute in length each. These will be able to be posted in natively in the newsfeed of IG and Snapchat. The larger square format of these videos provides plenty of room to provide more branding on the videos and the way that the video is broken down into pieces actually makes it inhabit more space on the newsfeed of your audience which helps to increase the branding and exposure of your videos.

Additional Media That Can Be Produced

In addition to what we have created here, it is also possible to use the points covered in the video as blog topics that can be sent to our content team that can be written into additional blogs that are also illustrated with freeze frames from the video.


Hopefully, from this very basic example, you can understand the power of spending the time to fully process and parse out your content. I’ve run into so many people that have told me that they simply “Do not have time” to put anything on their social media profiles and this video and blog article will hopefully prove them wrong.

Interested In Having Us Do This For You?

If you would like to sign up for this service you will need to do so as soon as possible. We are charging only $1250/month to do this and we are including 4 videos and related content per month! Right now we are only allowing 4 people to sign up. We will be allowing additional people to sign up in the coming months but the price will be going up to closer to $2000/month once this is released on a larger scale.

Please contact us if you have any questions or sign up below to claim your spot now. Many different people could benefit from this system. Realtors, activity companies and personal brands are some of the people that immediately come to mind but to tell you the truth, I can’t think of many businesses that would not benefit from a massive amount of content posted on their social media profiles.

If you would like to claim one of the 4 spots in this special pre-release offer, please fill out the form below as soon as possible while the spots are still available.

Looking forward to working with you soon.


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