Alright. Today we’re talking about micro-tasking. Normally, you know it’s raining, you’re walking around with an umbrella to go get some coffee. You’re just trying not to get wet. We’re gonna actually crank out about a week’s worth of content before we even get to the coffee shop. So let me explain at the beginning what micro-tasking is. First off, there’s a requirement for it. If you don’t have a team, you’re fucked. You can’t even do it. There’s no way. So, if you don’t have a team yet, you need to get it together. You get a team because you can’t delegate anything if you don’t have anyone to delegate anything to. So that’s step one. Step two is breaking whatever process you have down into small tasks so you can easily delegate it out to somebody. What we’re gonna do today is we’re going to take this video and Ricky, who’s holding the camera is gonna edit it and we’re gonna send it over to another one of our team members, Big Marc, He’s gonna transcribe it. He’s gonna post it to a little blog and then we’re gonna take that blog. We’re gonna add some pictures into it which are gonna be … Whoa!. We’re almost leaving our thing. We’re super multitasking while we’re micro-tasking. And we’re gonna take our meme that we’re gonna make from our little pictures. We’re gonna combine some of the quotes from the transcript of this video and we’re gonna take those, put those out on some social networks. We’re going to take our blog, we’re gonna put that out on some social networks. We’re gonna take the video and we’re gonna put that out on some social networks and then we’re actually going to take the video because some social networks like Instagram, they only let you do 60 seconds so even though it’s not the longest video out there right now. We’re not even to the coffee shop, we’re gonna condense it down to just the important things. Maybe break it down to a couple part series and we’re gonna put all that stuff out on Instagram and other places that like that kind of short form videos. So normal people they’re not thinking about trying to maximize the day. Just like walking around trying not to get wet. Here we are just cranking out content. A little rain’s not gonna stop us. So that’s micro-tasking in a nutshell. Get a team, get a process, don’t waste no time. That’s it.

Alright, so the first thing that I was talking about, except that we’re gonna get our coffee is that you need a team. If you don’t have a team, I get it. But you need to get one and it’s not hard. If you want what we’re doing, if you want the micro-tasking content strategy for you, I got that in a box. Just get in touch with me and we can make that happen for you really really easily. I know it’s really hard to set up processes when you got a lot of stuff to do but that’s what I do all day everyday so happy to be able to let you be able to use the processes that I’ve set up and develop, the team members that I’ve onboarded, trained, got going on all this stuff. If you’re a real estate agent that goes to a lot of different listings. You know, you just want to do a quick little video of each listing and maybe a little bit of narration, that’s plenty. We can use that to fill up you’re social media for the whole week. There are lots of different industries that this can apply to where basically you can just document small parts of your day and use that as the input for your entire content strategy. It’s something that we can do, done-for-you service. You don’t have to go try and find your own whole team and vet everyone and do all that. It’s a pain I know. It’s what I do everyday, so get in touch with me if that’s something that you want and talk soon. Thanks.

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