Remote Freelance Workers or Agency Workers?

Hi! This is Marc Johnson and we’re here at Trouble Free headquarters in Cebu City, Philippines.
And today I’m gonna talk about the disadvantages and advantages of hiring freelancers or working with Trouble Free Employees.
There are a number of disadvantages of hiring remote workers from the Philippines and there are a number of advantages of hiring our Virtual Assistants from Trouble Free Employees.
In regards to the first disadvantage of hiring a remote freelancer, we would be thinking about the word Low Quality.
You’re going to be dealing with the potential low-quality remote freelancer because you’re going on these sites like upwork or freelancer.It’s almost like a dating app.
You’re swiping right, you’re swiping left.
You’re going through hundreds and hundreds of profiles trying to find a diamond in the rough.
And from my own personal experience, you’re always going to end up with dilemma.

It might work out for a few days or for few weeks but in the long term those online dating app type freelancer services are not gonna provide you a long term solution for your problems.
So the advantage of working with Trouble Free Employees is you have a high-quality Virtual Assistant. Our virtual assistants are vetted and we pay more than any other business outsourcing companies in the area so we’re able to acquire talent that you get what you pay for.
And our employees are once they get vetted to our stringent hiring process so that we get highly qualified, highly capable employees that meet or exceed your requirements for your job, your task, your project.
And beyond that, all our virtual assistants come from the university system so they’re educated and they have critical thinking skill and creative thinking skills so that they can do your tasks at a high level.
The next disadvantage of having a remote freelancer is a problem with low technology.
If you have remote freelancer working for you and they live in the provinces you’re going to have a problem with infrastructure.
Either their power or their internet is going to be inconsistent or unreliable.
There’s nothing worse than trying to screen-share or Skype with your freelancer and have the internet keep showing you that you have a weak connection or you’re trying to have your freelancer download a big file and it takes forever.
Or they’re trying to upload stuff to the internet and it’s taking forever.
There really are a huge disadvantage working with a {remote} freelancer{s} because if they’re not living in the city and they’re living out in farther outside of the city they’re gonna have low technology problems.
Even if they do live in the city and they’re using wi-fi or they’re hacking into someone’s wi-fi next door, you’re going to have inconsistency and inadequate technology that is {really } going to hurt the productivity of your remote worker.
Another advantage of working with Trouble Free Employees is you’re going to have a high-technology environment that your virtual assistant will be working in.
We currently have two 100mbps lines coming into our offices here in Cebu, Philippines.
We have lightning fast internet. It’s faster than the internet than I have in the United States so we can upload/download files, screen-share, VoIP at an extremely high quality rate. So you’re not going to have the problems that you would have working with a remote freelancer where they have a weak connection to the internet or they have a weak or inconsistent power grid farther away from the city.
Here in Cebu City, I can’t remember when we’ve had power outage or even had the internet go down.
In the United States, like I have Comcast and I can count hundreds of times where I’ve lost internet in one week. For some reason here in the Philippines where some people might think it’s a 3rd World country. We have better internet out here than we do in America. It’s surprising but things are advanced out here.
That is one of the advantages of working with Trouble Free Employees is that we have a high-technology environment.
I’m Marc James Johnson and I work for Trouble Free Employees.

Marc James over and out.

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