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Learn about how a Virtual Assistant can help you by trying one out for yourself with a Virtual Assistant Free Trial! Nothing beats the first hand experience, over 90% sign up after the trial.

Virtual Assistant - Free Trial

We will happily give you a free 4-hour trial of our service so you can see how you like it before you sign up. Over 90% of our clients that try out our virtual assistant services go on to purchase a full or part-time package within 30 days!

Our Virtual Assistant Trial is very easy to get started. All you need to do is to fill out a request at the bottom of this page. Shortly after your submission has been received you will be contacted by one of our account managers who will get the specifics of the tasks that you would like and then schedule your trial. When the time comes for your trial you will be contacted by your Virtual Assistant and they will get to work. It’s that easy!

Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Services

Administrative Virtual Assistant

  • Generating Leads / Customer Outreach
  • Answering Calls / Virtual Receptionist
  • Booking / Scheduling Appointments
  • Updating / Managing Calendars
  • Checking Email / Managing Inbox
  • Following Up With Clients / Customers
  • Answering / Managing Support Tickets
  • Building Database / Entering Data
  • Researching / Gathering Information
  • Starting / Updating Competitor Analysis
  • Creating Reports / Updating Documents
  • Transcribing Audio / Video Files
  • Ordering Products / Services / Supplies
  • Custom Tasks / Projects As Required
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Technical Virtual Assistant

  •  Website Design / Development
  •  Website Contact / Order Forms
  •  Website Maintenance Plans
  •  Website Health Reports
  •  Website Traffic Reports
  •  SEO / Search Engine Optimization
  •  Search Engine Position Reports
  •  Backlink Building / Blog Commenting
  •  Google Business Listing Optimization
  •  Google AdWords Management
  •  Facebook Advertising Management
  •  Email Marketing Campaigns
  •  Social Media Posting / Management
  •  Live Online Chat / Messaging
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"During your Virtual Assistant Free Trial we will happily help you with your tasks. You will get a better idea of how we can help you. What do you need help with today?"

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Here’s some ideas of tasks our Virtual Assistants can help you with:

We can help you with all kinds of tasks. We can make phone calls, data entry into a spreadsheet, organize your email inbox or shared drive, post on your social media accounts, and even make improvements your website. As a rule of thumb, if it can be done on a phone or a computer we can probably help. All of our Virtual Assistants speak English and have 4-year college degrees.

Our virtual assistants have been in the business process outsourcing industry for many years and have worked on accounts such as Verizon, Comcast, Hawaiian Airlines, Expedia, Sprint, eBay, Intuit and more. We pay our workers much better than the competing business process outsourcing companies so we are able to pick and choose from the the best virtual assistants that are out there.

*Please note that before we can start your Virtual Assistant Free Trial we will need to get a debit crad or credit card on file. If you choose to extend your trial for more than 4 hours your card will be charged for any additional hours that are worked at $9.97 per hour for Administrative Virtual Assistants and $15.00 per hour for Technical Virtual Assistants.



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