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Get more leads, more customers, and more revenue by Improving the Search Engine Optimization of your website to get higher rankings from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization - Consultation

First off, before we can boost your SEO rankings we need to find where you’re currently at

Let’s first look at the keywords you are targeting. If you are not currently targeting any keywords let’s analyze what keywords you should be targeting. Once the keyword list is completed we can run some search engine position reports to see where you are currently ranking. This process is a very important step. We will get a good baseline of where your site is currently at. From here our SEO specialists can design plans that you can use one of our Virtual Assistants to implement for a very economical rate.

Ok, now that we have a baseline let’s look at ways to improve

Our SEO specialists will carefully analyze your website and your overall online marketing plan. They will look for things that can be improved in your site’s content and site structure to help boost your SEO rankings. Your server will be analyzed to make sure it is up to the job of hosting your site. Once this analyzation has been done you will be provided with a quote for the services we recommend to improve rankings.

Implement changes, track results

If you decide that you want to go ahead with the changes we will begin the process of implementing the suggested changes and tracking the results. We can provide you with ongoing reports to track your sites rankings for the targeted keywords. We will also provide you with customized reports in your Google analytics that you can use to track your pages traffic statistics.

"Search Engine Optimization requires a large amount of work and can take some time to get results, but once your rankings come they can bring massive revenues with them."

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Creation Of A Search Engine Optimization Plan

Creation Of A Keyword Target List

Setup Monthly Position Reports

Here's what we will cover during your consultation:

1. Website Assessment (The most important part of Search Engine Optimization)

During this stage, we will learn about your business and your website. We will identify the target market of your site and analyze your competition. Using this information, we will select keywords that are meant to drive traffic from your target market to your site. Through analyzation, we will identify potential challenges to user experience and the marketing performance of your site. We’ve found that over 90% of a search engine optimization campaign’s success relies on the proper selection of keywords that are relevant to your business.

2. Off-site website analyzation/SEO

Many factors contribute to the rankings of your site that are not even on your website! We will perform a thorough analysis of the off-site components of your web presence that will allow us to identify the strengths and weaknesses. We will adjust your anchor texts, meta titles & descriptions to create an optimized off-page profile. If you are lacking in backlinks we will help you grow in this area by acquiring inbound links to your site using our extensive network of online contacts. Our proprietary network allows us to easily acquire referral backlinks from a variety of publishers online. Backlinks are still one of the most important off-site factors in Search Engine Optimization.

3. Develop Campaign Strategy

Based on your industry, position in the industry, and the quality of the web presence of your competition we will create a strategy to outperform the competition. We will factor in elements such as your website’s structure, cleanliness of your code, and overall online presence to create a Campaign Strategy. In order to implement your campaign strategy we will provide subject matter experts to complete tasks like on-site SEO, ongoing content creation, social media advice and management, keyword analysts, webmasters to perform routine maintenance, and if we are pressed for time we can even bring in PPC experts to drive traffic to your site, IMMEDIATELY. We will work on your weaknesses until they become strengths.

4. Reporting and Adjusting

As a company, we have heavily invested the brain power, technology, and infrastructure needed to provide you with premium custom reporting. We will provide reporting that integrates on-site analytics, social network analytics, and sales data to allow our clients 360-degree access to the most important marketing data about their website and search engine optimization campaigns. You will have access to your reports from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. We will also periodically generate reports and analysis that we will email to you. From this ongoing analysis, we will fine-tune your campaign to maximize your search engine placement for the long term.

BONUS: We Will Include A FREE Website Heath Report!

To give you even more value and give you something from our meeting that you can keep we will even include a free website health report that will show things that can be immediately fixed to improve the health, competitiveness and ability to compete for the Search Engine Rankings that you are after. Depending on the size and health of your site these reports can be anywhere from 10 to 100+ pages in length and will offer a massive amount of insight into what can be done to help your website work better.Want to get more traffic to your site? Our team of tier-one SEO specialists can help. Let’s Talk More About Search Engine Optimization, sign up for your consultation now.


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