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Let our professionals create your high-resolution graphics for you. We can help you create logos, flyers, website design mockups or other kinds of printed materials.

Logo Design Services

Why is Logo Design important?

With digital marketing, it is very important to present a look and feel of your brand that conveys your company values and what your brand is all about in a way that is presentable and easy to understand. Your logo and your website URL are two things that are very important to get right the first time because they are very hard to change later on. We do not recommend cutting any corners with your logo design or you will probably run into issues later on. Our team of Graphic Artists is available to help you through the logo design process. You will have the opportunity for multiple revisions so you can be sure that when the process is complete you will have something that you will like for the long term.Our work is not just limited to logos, we can also create design templates for your website, flyers, posters, brochures and other types of print material.

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"Nothing will create the same kind of improvements to your digital presence like the addition of professionally made, high resolution graphics. "

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Custom made logo for your company

Complete commercial rights with high resolution proofs

5 revisions

How long will it take to get your Logo Design?

2-4 weeks (approximately).

What do you get?

You will get a custom designed logo that you will own and be able to use commercially on an unlimited basis. You will be able to revise it up to 5 times so you can be sure that you will be able to get it exactly as you want it. You will receive the original, high-resolution images of the finished logo. You will also get “compressed for web” versions in the delivery packet that will be sent to your email.

What do we need from you in order to start?

After you submit your order you will be contacted by one of our account managers who will provide you with a simple form to fill out. On this form, you will let us know what kind logo you are wanting. We will need to know what the name of the company is, the kind of feelings are you trying to convey, if you have any specific colors you want to work with and any other information you would like to provide us with. The more information you can give us the easier it will be for us to deliver what you’re hoping for. We will have multiple revisions, so if you are not satisfied with your first draft you don't need to worry. We will work with you until you are satisfied with the logo that you are provided.



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