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Facebook Advertising can be a tricky way of getting the word out to your customers. Audience building and demographics are key and we are well versed in the use of Facebook's many targeting systems.

Facebook Advertising Management

What is Facebook Advertising Management?

Facebook allows advertisers to benefit from the vast amount of information that Facebook collects about users. They allow advertisers to precisely target their ads towards very specific audiences. Our Facebook Advertising Management services include an ongoing cross testing option where we run multiple variations of ads and target audiences and then analyze the results in order to continuously develop the campaign and increase the return on investment to our clients.

Why Facebook Ads Instead of Google Ads?

Facebook is used very heavily by many demographics. There are some instances where it makes sense to advertise only on Facebook, then there are other instances where it makes more sense to use Google Ads to build an audience that will be retargeted by Facebook Ads, or vice versa. If you are looking to combine the powers of Google and Facebook we recommend that you look into our Paid Advertising Management Packages where we will run campaigns simultaneously on both channels.

"We will optimize and monitor your Facebook Ads on a daily basis so you can have the highest return on investment possible."

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Complete Facebook Advertising Management Solution

Professional Setup And Ongoing Optimization

Monthly Facebook Ads A/B Testing And Reporting

What are you currently doing with Facebook Advertising?

If you have already done some Facebook Advertising we will start out by examining what you’ve been doing already with your Facebook Advertising. Once we’ve been able to establish where you’ve been and where you currently are, we will discuss with you where you would like to be in the future. From this dialog, we will create some goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that we can use to track the progress of your ad campaigns. Once we’ve established a target we’ll see what we can do to help you get there as soon as possible. If you are ready to get started fill out the order form below. Shortly after you submit your order form you will be contacted by an Account Manager from Trouble Free Employees. At this point, we will go over your previous Facebook Ads experience and set some goals and KPIs, if the time that you are contacted is not good for you to have that dialog we can schedule another time for that meeting to take place. Your month of service will not officially start until the ads begin to run. The monthly anniversary of your beginning date will be your renewal date which is when your card will be charged. If you would like your renewal date to fall on a specific date we are happy to prorate your second month to make the renewal date fall on any date that you prefer.


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