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Solve your phone problems with a dedicated answering service that works exclusively for you. Seamlessly tie into existing workflows and systems.

Deluxe Dedicated Answering / Reservations Service Packages

What do you get with our Deluxe Dedicated Answering Service or Reservations Service Packages?

These packages are for high call volume accounts. However, even if you are only needing to handle a small amount of calls you can purchase the Dedicated Virtual Assistant package and save some money. With the Deluxe Dedicated Answering / Reservations Service Packages you will get a well-trained reservationist (or a team of reservationists) that can take your calls and make transactions in large volume. We will follow your script and take your client's orders and put them into your reservation system. We’ve worked with most reservation systems before. If we have not worked with the system you use before we are happy to take the time to learn how to operate it just like your in house workers currently do. We look forward to helping you with your calls soon.

"Our Customer Service Representatives can quickly learn your existing scripts and protocols so we can seamlessly integrate into your operation."

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A Dedicated Customer Service Virtual Assistant Who Specializes In Reservations Accounts

A Predetermined Amount Of Scheduled Hours

We Can Work Any Schedule, Available 24 Hours A Day

What kind of experience does our team have?

Most of our team memebers that are on our Dedicated Answering Service teams of Reservations Teams have many years of experience as Customer Service Representatives. We pay our team memebers very well so we are able to recruit people that have past work experience with enterprise level accounts such as Verizon, Comcast, Expedia, Intuit, Hawaiian Airlines, Ebay and more. Our clients expect the best and that is what we deliver.

What do we need from you in order to start?

The process of getting started is very easy. Shortly after you submit your signup form an account manager will contact you and ask some questions. We need to know how you would like us to answer your calls. We will also need to know how you would like us to get your messages to you if we need to. If there are any other tasks you would like done such as processing reservations, making outbound calls, pushing trouble tickets through your system or anything else we will go over it all in detail. We are looking forward to working with you. Please note that it normally takes us about 10 working days to process your order. As soon as your order is processed we can begin working on your tasks. Once the team is ready to go we will schedule your start date to  begin on the day that works best for you. 



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