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A dedicated virtual assistant can be trained to do a wide variety of different tasks that will enable you to become more efficient and more organized.

Dedicated Virtual Assistant Service Packages

Dedicated Virtual Assistant, what do you get?

With a dedicated virtual assistant package you will get a well-trained virtual assistant that will be able to help you with anything they can throughout the day. You can set them up with work to do ahead of time, or have them on call for when you need them. Our virtual assistants are extremely competent and very trainable. Simply tell them what you need and they will be happy to help! At Trouble Free Employees you have many packages available to you, all on a month by month basis.

What do we need from you in order to start you with a Dedicated Virtual Assistant?

Once you order your dedicated virtual assistant a Trouble Free Employees Account Manager will contact you to go over your project(s) so we can pair you with the right personnel and equipment to get the job done. You will let us know what kind of tasks you’re looking to have done so we can match you with the ideal assistant for your needs. Sometimes with complicated projects, this part of the process can be extended over a series of phone calls. For most tasks, this takes only between 10-20 minutes. It normally takes us about 10 working days to process your order. As soon as your order is processed we can begin working on your tasks beginning on the day that works best for you.Our Dedicated Virtual Assistants can help you with the following types of tasks:

Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Services

  • Generating Leads / Customer Outreach
  • Answering Calls / Virtual Receptionist
  • Booking / Scheduling Appointments
  • Updating / Managing Calendars
  • Checking Email / Managing Inbox
  • Following Up With Clients / Customers
  • Answering / Managing Support Tickets
  • Building Database / Entering Data
  • Researching / Gathering Information
  • Starting / Updating Competitor Analysis
  • Creating Reports / Updating Documents
  • Transcribing Audio / Video Files
  • Ordering Products / Services / Supplies
  • Custom Tasks / Projects As Required

"Your Dedicated Virtual Assistant will be there to help you with your tasks any time of day or night. We will happily put in work for you whenever you need something done."

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What is the importance of your first Dedicated Virtual Assistant?

If you are looking to scale up, in the long run, any of the time you spend training your first dedicated virtual assistant will have a good return on investment. Once you start onboarding the second, third and fourth member of your Dedicated Virtual Assistant Team of you can have your original dedicated assistant do all of the onboarding and training of the new people. They will be able to transfer all of the knowlege of what they were trained to do by you to enable the test of the team to be able to do the tasks that you taught them, without you even having to be involved. This will help you save time on training. In the long run this will save tremendous amounts of your time, leaving valuable time on your schedule to perform other essential duties.



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