Jake Barefoot, Web Developer
($8,000 USD Per Month)

Employee Name: Jake Barefoot.
Requested Salary: $8,000 USD Per Month.
Hometown: Maui, Hawaii.
Born: 1984.
Works From? I can work from home only.

In 1996 Jake began earning money online with some banner websites before he began work on a travel website for his family called Tom Barefoot’s Tours. Within one year of launch, he had managed to gross over 1 million dollars in revenue.

He ran the website and call center there on and off for the next 20 years before leaving the company to start his own virtual staffing and digital contracting company.

Even though he is very busy with his own projects he is still willing to make time to help clients because that is what he really likes to do. Book a time to work with Jake to improve your website, streamline your operation or find new talent for your company.

People who work with Jake appreciate his enthusiasm, creativity and never say die attitude when it comes to pushing projects over the finish line.



Southern Oregon University | Attended 2003 – 2007

Degree: BS Business Administration
Major: Business Management
Location: Ashland, Oregon USA
Majored in Business Management, dual minored in Marketing and Communications and also received a Certificate in Human Resource Management.


Work History

President | 2013-2016 (VERIFIED)

Company Name: Tom Barefoot’s Tours
Making sure that everything ran smoothly, there were more responsibilities than I care to list which is one of the main reasons why I started Trouble Free Employees. I wanted to help others not have to be as busy as I was during this period of time.


Vice President | 2007-2013 (VERIFIED)

Company Name: Tom Barefoot’s Tours
Recruiting, hiring, email marketing, organic SEO operations, social media marketing, photography, R&D, customer service, HR management.


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 After Hours Answering Service
Call Center Staffing
Content Development Plan
Dedicated Answering and Reservations Service
Doctor’s Offices
Graphic Design Services
Lead Generation

Online Chat Services
Virtual Assistants

Digital Marketing Services
E-Commerce Website Construction
Facebook Advertising Management
Paid Advertising Management
Search Engine Ranking Reports
Social Media Management
Website Construction
Website Hosting
Website Maintenance Plans


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Xandra Samson – Staff Nurse

Employee Name: Xandra Samson
Requested Salary: $9.97 per hour($1595.40 per month)
Hometown: Guimba Nueva Ecija
Born: 1987

Bethlehem Gacayan – General VA

Employee Name: Bethlehem Gacayan
Requested Salary: $9.97 ($1595.40 per month)
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