Want to learn how we helped a client go from $0 to $4.7 million dollars of revenue on their website? Read this.

This case study demonstrates how we were able to make a massive amount of impact for one of our clients. When we first started working with this company they were pretty much a brick and mortar company. They did have a Web site for a couple of years prior to when we started working with each other, but it really wasn’t doing very much for them in terms of revenue. We were able to significantly ramp up their online presence in a very short amount of time. In addition to helping them bring in more revenues we also helped them with their backend operations which substantially trimmed down their operations costs.

So, let’s start off at the beginning. When I first came across this company they had a website was barely alive. It was bad. They had broken links on the front page. They had broken images on the front page. It was really not a good situation, and I knew that we could really help them out.

So I talked with the owner. I got them to agree to letting us redo their website. It was a fairly large website, the amount of products that it had was substantial. There were between 200 and 250 products listed on it. The owner was afraid that there was going to be a tremendous amount of time that was going to be spent in order to move things over on to a new template. I assured him that we had a team that could make quick work of the transition. We have plenty of manpower available to able to help with projects so the movement of all the data and the rearranging the product descriptions etc did not take long. We put three data slammers on it, one web dev and myself. We slammed on this project for 16 days before we were ready to launch.

During that time we moved everything over from a basically non-existent template to a fully operational site that was receiving thousands of dollars of orders the day that we launched it. On the previous website, they didn’t even have specific pages for every product. They category pages that had multiple different products listed on them. It was built on a Prestashop platform that was really outdated. They had tried to customize it and ended up hacking it to pieces. We moved it over to a WordPress based site and were able to really get things going on it quickly, which was evidenced by the amount of orders that started coming in as soon as we launched.

To scale up the revenue we needed to get some more traffic coming into it. They had been running some PPC before but they didn’t have any ecommerce tracking on it so they were not even sure if their campaigns were profitable or not. They had some outdated goals tracking they were using to try to estimate order value, it was really rough. They were trying to make approximations of what they were getting for sales based on an estimate of their average order value. This system made it really hard for them to see if they even had a positive ROI or not.

To remedy this, the first thing that we did with their ads was to setup their e-commerce tracking on Google Analytics. Once this was done, the boss was able to see live sales data from where ever he was using the Google Analytics app on his phone. He could see to the penny how much sales were coming in. We integrated that with Google AdWords and started with a fairly modest spend in order to get things moving along. From the beginning, we were able to get some pretty good numbers. The team honed in on some lower traffic, highly profitable keywords so when we were at a low spend we were able to get enough of an ROI to be able to to reinvest the profits into more ad spend and ramp things up to a much larger scale.

From that point, we started diversifying their paid marketing. We implemented some Facebook retargeting ads. Using two different campaigns we were able to increase their ROI substantially. We set up a generic retargeting campaign which did well. We also set up an ATC (Add To Cart) retargeting campaign. ATC retargeting did very, very well for us. We also did some work with their organic SEO. We did some some technical SEO work when we moved it over from the old template to the new template and then we continued to refine the new template that we had setup for them. In addition to the technical work, we did a tremendous amount of content work. Adding new content in ways that made them appear much higher on some high value keywords .

Like I said before, in the beginning there was basically only category pages that listed multiple products. They didn’t have a product page for each product so their keyword exposure was very limited. The first thing that happened when we broke down the categories to link to specific product pages was the amount of keyword exposure went through the room. We had more specific information on the website which helped us massively increase the keyword exposure . The results have been fairly good so far and we’ve come a long way since the beginning of the project.

I just pulled up the numbers and since we started we are looking at close to five million dollars of revenue.

When we started they had very anemic sales that were coming through their website because it was essentially broken.

The the campaigns that we are running have been tracking the online sales that have come through to the penny. In addition to the online sales there’s a significant amount of phone sales that have come in which we have not been been putting in as offline tracking so they are not included in the stats shown above.

From the online only sales we’ve been at about a 6.7x ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) from the Google Ads. That means that we’re produced six dollars and seventy cents of online sales revenue for every dollar that we’ve put into paid ads with Google. The margins on these products are pretty decent, so it’s been a very, very profitable partnership for them so far.

On the Facebook side of things we’ve been running some audience building campaigns during peak season, but for the most part what we’ve been doing with Facebook has been retargeting ads. The retargeting return on ad spend has been extremely high. For our general retargeting, it’s been a 12.08X ROAS. So for every dollar that we’ve put into Facebook ads on their general retargeting, we’ve got twelve dollars and eight cents back.

For the add to cart retargeting campaign (ATC). We’ve been doing even better. For the ATC we’re looking at a 17.84x ROAS. Retargeting can be highly profitable, if it is not something that you’re currently doing… It’s definitely something that you should look into getting set up.

With Facebook ads, the trick is making sure that you’re sending the ads out to the right audience. The right audience are the people that have already been to your site that have shown interest in your product. Those are the people that you should definitely be going after with your ads. If you’re looking for an audience that is going to give you a return on investment, the ATC audience is definitely a good place to start. Before you get too deep into anything else, cold traffic or anything like that you will definitely want to set up a retargeting campaign using Facebook ads.

So, to summarize for these guys we were able to help them build their site and market it. We were able to help them run their ads. In addition, we cut a tremendous amount of of dollars off the back end of their operation because we were able to do all of the order fulfillment as well as a lot of the customer service. We handle the phone calls and everything that’s involved in doing the legwork to make the reservations.

We’ve saved them a tremendous amount of money on the back end and we have been bringing in a very high amount of revenue since we got started. Not all projects. Not all products are the same. But the the strategies that are used for most kinds of digital marketing are very similar to each other. I would be happy to talk with you about what we could do to be able to ramp up your website so that you’re able to get more revenue coming in. We can use some of the same tactics that we used with these guys in order to help you.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me. I’d like to set up an appointment to talk with you about your needs. I think we’ll probably be able to help you. Thank you so much.

Jake - Founder / CEO
Jake Barefoot
Founder / CEO
Trouble Free Employees

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