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Interested in finding out more about Trouble Free Employees? Take a moment to learn about the history of our company. Once you are able to understand where we’ve come from you will have a better understanding of who we are.

About Trouble Free Employees

What Does Trouble Free Employees Do?

Trouble Free Employees connects businesses with human resources for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house workers. Since the early days of the company, the vision of Trouble Free Employees has always been to help individuals, small and mid-sized businesses access the kinds of enterprise-level business solutions that in the past have only been available to very large businesses.

If you have a task that is done on the phone or a computer, chances are we can do it for you for less than $10/hr.

Our fully managed Virtual Assistant Services provide our clients with direct access to first class assistants. Everyone on our team physically works in our office, we do not have remote workers.

Each team member you will have on your account has been vetted, extensively tested, and thoroughly trained before we assign them to work with you.

Trouble Free Employees Makes Scaling Easy.

The hiring and firing process is one of the biggest headache processes that are a necessary part of running a business. Many business owners have a hard time letting workers go who are low performing because of the paperwork that is involved with a termination.

In addition to the process of terminating an employee, there can also be emotional effects that can make it hard to let someone go.

With Trouble Free Employees you can avoid all of these problems. We take care of the hiring and firing for you. Just give your account manager a call and let them know that you would like to scale up or scale down your account and they will take it from there.

Have peace of mind when scaling. All of our people are good workers, when someone is removed from an account they are generally assigned to another account fairly quickly. With a traditional in-house employee, a downsizing will normally result in your workers having to find a whole new job. With Trouble Free Employees, we simply assign displaced workers to new tasks.

What is the history of Trouble Free Employees?

Before starting the company the founders of Trouble Free Employees were digital marketers and software developers that specialized in building enterprise level productivity software. In the beginning, the majority of the projects that would come to Trouble Free Employees were new websites builds. These projects involved helping people initially set up their website, email, phone, logos, and various social media pages. As our client’s businesses grew it became common for clients to start coming back to Trouble Free Employees for more help. Soon the company started getting a stream of clients coming back to us with questions about how to organize their workflows and how to find quality staffing. We would frequently get questions such as:

“How should I get after hours staffing?”
“How should I manage my social media?”
“How can I keep my website PCI compliant?”
“How can I keep up with other players in my industry that are putting out massive amounts of content?”

We wanted to be able to help our clients with their needs so he assembled a team of specialists to help on the more technical issues. To help clients save money on the operations of their site we began to let clients use the vacant seats in our call centers for operators to process orders, provide customer service etc. Many clients (especially the smaller companies) were very pleased that they could avoid having to invest and maintain the infrastructure required to set up their own call centers by leasing seats from Trouble Free Employees. Over time, the team has kept growing and the number of services that we can provide has not stopped growing.

Do you Need data entry specialists, video editors, application developers, email marketing specialists or programmers? Get in touch with us, we got you covered.

Jake Barefoot

“Trouble Free Employees was founded to help clients Solve Problems & Save Money”

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Our Niche Is High End Virtual Assistants

Everyone On The Team Has Been Trained With Our Proprietary Task Management Methodologies

We Work Whenever You Need Us, Available 24 Hours

Our company values.

Our founder Jake was born and raised in Hawaii. Since the beginning, he has tried to instill the “Aloha Spirit” into Trouble Free Employees. He encourages our staff to treat our clients as they would their own family. This commitment to friendly, quality and caring service is something that sets our company apart from our competition. Clients that have come to us after having experienced working with our competitors have commented that we are extremely accommodating and pleasant to work with.

Our Founder’s background.

Our founder, Jake Barefoot first got into the online game in 1996. In the beginning, he started to make money online from a handful of informational websites and a large travel site. As the years went on he continued to level up his knowledge and skills and before long found himself operating a ring of enterprise-level websites for himself and his family. As his career progressed the traffic to his sites and revenues continued to grow. By the time he started Trouble Free Employees he had already been able to sell over $90,000,000 of goods and services online!

Having been involved in many projects that allowed him to work with very talented people from all over the globe he had been able to perfect his systems of training individuals and teams. Over the years, he had essentially developed a system to get projects completed quickly and efficiently by organizing work using highly efficient methods he had developed during his career. As the online business model began to become more popular many of his friends began to get involved in their own online projects. It became a very common thing for them to ask him questions or seek guidance about the best ways to reach their business goals. After helping some of his friends by consulting them with their projects and doing project-based freelance work the word began to spread. Soon friends of friends began to contact him out of the blue seeking solutions to their business and website problems. Using his know-how and expertise he was normally able to keep them from reinventing the wheel while trying to get their projects off the ground. Jake realized that helping people brings him a great deal of joy. He knew that the business world would be making a pivot toward Asia in the coming years and he greatly enjoyed working with the team members in his Philippines offices. So, he decided to start the Trouble Free Employees Cebu office so he could be able to help more businesses succeed.

We would love to have the opportunity to work with you. Please contact us with any questions that you have!

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